About Us

Our Vision


To become a value-based health technology solutions market leader.


Our Mission


At NURSAL, we gather talented personalities with public health, technology, and pharmaceutical backgrounds to let people live and celebrate their lives every day with the products that promote healthcare.


First difficult steps


Starting with a series of small steps, the first tiny triumphs would not have been possible without a people-centric comprehensive approach.


Health needs constant supervision. People have to tend their health just as they tend their lives. Here at NURSAL, we do democratize access to well-being improvements. Care of communities where we live and work reflects in high-quality manufacturing standards and customer value-based pricing.


Mindset for meaningful treatment


With the technologies backed by studies, we design our solutions around customers to create a pleasing NURSAL experience.


All our products are designed with science and clinical research in mind. We tune our products to clinical-grade accuracy transforming the patient at-home treatment.




Now we're capitalizing on our expertise to broaden our healthcare products and services.


With the passionate team behind the common mission and the focus on the people we are helping, we strive to create and deliver breakthrough solutions that will improve at-home customers care.